Green Screen

If your like us you love FILM! You would have come across green screen videos without knowing it as 75% of the film industry use videos green screen at some point during the filming. Have you ever taken a tour at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Hollywood, whole sets are Green screen the size of a football pitch!! What we have done is set up a Chrome key facility within the Flip Book software that allows you to have any background of your choice for your flip book. We set up a green screen videos background which allows us to fuse your chosen image into the Flip Book, its unique and allows you to have any theme at your event, so use our flip books and videos to make your event special and unique. Look at examples of our green screen videos in our green screen videos section, the link is on the home page.

We have created thousands of videos with our clients own images, it’s the perfect way if you’re trying to theme your event. You can even have 5 or 10 for them to choose from making the process very special indeed. Our in house art department can create them for you, all we need is your theme and we will produce green screen videos samples for you within 24hrs.

Green Screen Video

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